Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends for 2023

Symbolic of everlasting love and commitment, an engagement ring marks a special moment in a couple’s union. Choosing the perfect ring to commemorate your promise to love is a personal journey, inspired by your individual style, unique bond and one-of-a-kind romance. Charles Rose Jewellers presents the Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends for 2023 to guide you and provide inspiration when considering your ring design options. 

1. Coloured Gemstone Engagement Rings

Leading the engagement ring trends in 2023 are the eternally enchanting kaleidoscopic and vivid hues of coloured gemstones. From shimmering sapphires and oceanic aquamarines to radiant rubies, these strikingly distinctive engagement rings create showstopping pieces in any cut and appeal to those desiring a colourful alternative or vibrant twist to an elegantly traditional solitaire diamond engagement ring. Whether a bold and brilliant celestial sapphire and diamond ring or a delicate and understated lustrous ruby and diamond ring, Charles Rose’s spectacular engagement rings are guaranteed to enthral evermore with their dazzling prismatic brilliance. Explore our sparkling coloured stone jewellery collection, including our breathtaking stud and drop gemstone earrings. Symbolic of romance, truth and commitment, our luxurious coloured gemstone engagement rings are skilfully handcrafted into exquisite bespoke pieces as unique as your everlasting love. 

2. Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings 

2023 will also see a resurgence in vintage-inspired engagement rings – a trend that is fascinatingly alluring, delightfully whimsical and eternally fashionable.

Perfectly blending historic and contemporary design elements, the intricate detailing and clean lines of vintage-inspired rings are reminiscent of old-world luxury and opulence. Brides-to-be will be captivated by our stunning cushion, emerald and pear-shaped ring cuts, guaranteed to exude the charm and glamour of yesteryear with their distinctively handcrafted edges and delicately elongated shapes.

With its sophisticated Art Deco aesthetic, the entrancing antique elegance of an Asscher cut is favoured by those desiring a majestic engagement ring with heirloom appeal. Paired with an iconic and dazzling diamond tennis bracelet or sparkling bangle, you are sure to capture the nostalgia and romance of a bygone era forevermore with a vintage-inspired Charles Rose engagement ring.

3. Halo Engagement Rings

If bold, luminescent and brilliant is your preferred engagement ring style, look no further than the timelessness of a halo design when celebrating your betrothal in 2023. Paying homage to the decadence of the Roaring Twenties, halo engagement rings personify opulence and glamour and are as extravagant and beguiling as the decade in which this ring style was fashioned.

Featuring a central diamond or coloured gemstone surrounded by a ‘halo’ of sparkling stones, the complex geometric yet sleek and sophisticated Art Deco aesthetic of a halo design is enthralling. Select your perfect cut and desired stone from Charles Rose’s extraordinary selection, ranging from our dramatic cushion cut purple sapphire and diamond halo ring and spectacular double halo ring to our mesmerising pear cut halo diamond ring and beyond.

Complement with our beautifully crafted halo pendants in round or emerald cuts to truly capture the sentiment of this compelling age and lead the trend in the coming year..

4. Sustainably & Ethically Sourced Diamonds

2023 will see a growing demand for ethically sourced diamonds. Conscientious consumers selecting their perfect diamond are assured that Charles Rose’s exclusively sourced diamonds conform with the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS). Established in 2003, this successful worldwide initiative ensures adherence to strict environmental and labour standards, preventing illegally traded gems from entering the global supply chain via its stringent monitoring and certification process.

Our commitment to transparency, sustainability and ethically sourced diamonds guarantees our superior handcrafted jewellery feature only the finest diamonds, backed by our premium international diamond grading certification and fully warranty.

Choose from our superb selection of high-quality Kimberly certified diamond engagement and wedding rings with the confidence of knowing that investing in a Charles Rose sustainably and ethically sourced diamond jewellery piece is one trend that will forever be fashionable – just like our timeless designs.

5. Customised Jewellery Designs

Bespoke jewellery designs reflecting your one-of-a-kind romance and individual style will continue to grow in popularity in the coming year, as admirers of fine jewellery increasingly seek a personalised service to bring their envisioned designs to dazzling reality. Charles Rose artisans have been masterfully handcrafting superlative custom-made jewellery inhouse for 100 years.

From preliminary concepts to design completion, our collaborative process sees each creation flawlessly finished to stunning imagined perfection. Offering made-to-order and exquisitely crafted diamond engagement rings and signature pieces, eternally stylish traditional and contemporary wedding bands and breathtaking jewellery collections, Charles Rose’s customised jewellery boasts superior quality, unparalleled artisanship and exceptional value. Set the trend and create an heirloom for the ages by expressing your infinite and unique love with a beautiful bespoke diamond and gemstone jewellery creation.

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