Hannah and Josh




Grace and Hayden, two colleagues in the same office building but at different companies, had often exchanged friendly smiles but never engaged in conversation. Little did they know that fate had a unique plan in store for them, one that began to unfold in the world of online dating.

It all started when Grace found herself online, swiping through profiles with a friend from work by her side. Their seemingly ordinary day took an unexpected turn when Hayden’s profile appeared on the screen. Grace’s joyful exclamation of ‘OMG it’s the guy from the office’ was the serendipitous moment that initiated their relationship. They matched and soon their connection deepened through lengthy, heartfelt messages on the dating app.

Fast forward to October, 2022, on the shores of Great Keppel Island, Queensland, where Hayden orchestrated a proposal that would forever etch this date into their hearts. Grace had organised a birthday getaway to the island, a place she had longed to visit for years. Little did she know that Hayden had secretly been in contact with a friend who had worked on the island and, with their help, arranged a picturesque picnic setup, complete with champagne and a delicious platter from the island’s restaurant. This romantic surprise became one of the most cherished moments of Grace’s life.

When it came to wedding planning, Grace took the lead while Hayden eagerly dived into organising their dance lessons. Their search for the perfect wedding venue led them to the Great Ocean Road Resort, a place that instantly transported them to the tropical paradise they had dreamed of. The resort offered a comprehensive package including accommodation, a wedding planner and even the ceremony setup, simplifying the planning process.

With Instagram as her guide, Grace explored various wedding vendors in the Geelong area, eventually curating the dream team for their big day. The couple’s guest list included 70 of their closest family and friends, creating an intimate and joyous atmosphere for their celebration.

Their wedding style exuded calmness, relaxation, family-friendliness and, above all, a spirit of fun. Grace’s wedding gown, a minimal V-neck dress with a lace-trimmed veil, embodied understated elegance. Walking down the sandy aisle barefoot, with the sound of the ocean as her backdrop, she radiated serenity.

Among the countless memorable moments, one stands out. The humour-filled incident when Grace momentarily forgot the wedding rings, leading to laughter and camaraderie. For Hayden, the most cherished memory was the first glimpse of Grace as she entered the beach, radiating joy.

Their wedding was a celebration of love, family and friendship, with a special focus on accommodating Hayden’s children and ensuring everyone had a memorable time. The resort’s family-friendly facilities made it an ideal choice.

Reflecting on their journey, Grace and Hayden offer this advice to engaged couples. Enjoy every minute of being engaged and wedding planning and take a few moments to take it all in on the day. It can be stressful and overwhelming at times, but it is the most special and memorable day and it is all worth it in the end. They treasure the day so much that they often find themselves saying ‘We just want to do it all over again – it was just the best’.

Hannah and Josh
Hannah and Josh
Hannah and Josh
Hannah and Josh
Hannah and Josh

Gown: Jenny Yoo (Astra Bridal Auckland)  |  Bridesmaid’s gowns: Billy J  |  Shoes: Zara  |  Hair: Gloss & Glow Hair, Torquay  |  Makeup: Maddi Nicholls  |  Suits: Tarocash  |  Rings: Michael Hill  |  Celebrant: Judy Pyke  |  Ceremony: Pt Roadknight Beach  |  Reception: Great Ocean Road Resort, Anglesea   Flowers: Peony & Weasel  |  Catering: Great Ocean Road Resort, Anglesea  |  Cake: Sugar & Fleur  |  Photography: Alex Shore   |   Honeymoon: Vietnam