The Positives To Eloping And Why It Is Trending

Weddings can be extremely stressful. Too often couples are spending their entire engagement overwhelmed by the planning process – but they don’t need to be. Here are some top tips to ensure you are organised and can go back to enjoying your engagement.


  • The main positive that everyone understands is the financial stress a wedding can place on a couple. Usually, couples are prepared to take on the financial burden although with less contributions from parents than previous generations and rising living costs, getting married without the financial pressure is very appealing.
  • Elopements are a perfect way to commit to the one you love if time isn’t on your side or if you didn’t want to have a long engagement. Elopements can be arranged with minimal planning time.
  • Family pressure increases during weddings and can have the greatest stress on couples in the planning stages. The best part about elopements is no one will know until you are married. You don’t have to worry about everyone’s opinions.
  • Family pressure also extends to the invite list and you could have your very close family/friends and no added pressure to invite your ‘aunt’s new partner’.


  • Recently the focus has been about reducing the impact on the planet. Weddings contribute a lot of waste and the list is endless – stationery, food and then the impact on emissions through plane and car transport. If you think about how many weddings are held each year this is a major impact on the planet. Elopements minimise this impact and are overall so much nicer to the planet.
  • In larger weddings you have the potential to lose sight on what is important to the both of you. It can be easy to be caught up in advice and options available. With having less suppliers and less people involved it will make the process easier and you can continue to focus on what matters to you both.
  • You can have your dream destination wedding without adding pressure on your family and friends to travel or grandparents who aren’t able to make it.
  • Most importantly you are less likely to feel overwhelmed and stressed as there is less to organise. The main issue is trying to keep it a secret from everyone.
  • If intimacy and privacy are your focus for your wedding, elopements are perfect. We don’t think this trend is going away soon.

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